How to Decide if the Bite-Lite H-Trap Is the Horse Fly Trap for You?

While new to the market, the Bite-Lite H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System has a lot going for it.  If you are looking for something cheap with parts that won’t weather wind, sun, rain, and years of enjoyment, you shouldn’t read any further.  But if you are looking for a quality horse fly trap, our horse fly trap distinguishes itself in many ways.   

If you have done your research, you have probably seen that there are a handful of commercial horse fly traps on the market and that no two traps are the same.  Some have four legs and others have three legs, and their frames are made with either plastic, wood, or metal.  Bite-Lite’s horse fly trap is the only one with a single steel leg!  You may ask, what’s so great about a single pole?  Think about mowing around one leg compared to three or four legs in the lawn or pasture, and you have your answer!   

How can a one legged horse fly trap be sturdy, you ask?  The answer is many fold.  An anti-rotation anchor welded to the ground rod keeps the single frame wedged into the soil.  We have not seen any other trap on the market have this special feature.  In addition, we don’t know of any other product that has the thickness of our corrosion proof steel frame.  It is 2 mm thick, which is just under 1/8 inches.  The pole frame assembly, which comes in three parts, the trap’s top bracket feature, hook, and the bolts and nuts needed are all dipped in hot zinc. 

The plastic used in the conical hood and collection bin have withstood improvements over the years, and now are UV proof.  That means it is meant to last, compared to traps using canvas that will eventually fray and cheaper plastics that will crack. In addition, the green in the plastic conical hood does not attract the beneficial insects like honey bees.  

Finally, no other horse fly trap on the market has a feature like ours that allows the ball, hood, bin to move with the wind. The top steel bracket is attached to a stabilizing ring, which has a gyroscopic effect, giving movement and stability to the horse fly trap at the same time. 

As you can see, the horse fly trap from Bite-Lite distinguishes itself from other commercial horse fly traps. Order your H-Trap today!