Horses wading through water when female horse flies are in pursuit for a blood meal.   id female horse fly bites.

About the New H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control and Trap System

The Bite-Lite horse fly trap, designed in the Netherlands,  was introduced here in the United States in 2015.  After all these years, the H-Trap still stands alone among other commercial and government surveillance  horse fly traps with its sturdy, single legged frame, anti-rotation ground anchor, and gyroscopic top bracket that moves with the wind.  Installation of our horse fly trap is simple.  Once the three piece steel coated frame is bolted and set in place and the large black ball is inflated and gets hot just like a dark tee shirt would from the heat of the sun,  the trickery will begin and the female horse flies, also known as greenheads, deer flies, yellow flies, and B-52 bombers, will come to the horse fly trap.   Once landed on the heated ball, the female horse flies will look to “feed”,  and failing to get its intended blood meal, the female will fly vertically, its normal flight pattern, into the green conical hood and get trapped into the plastic collection bin of the horse fly trap.   The plastic parts on our horse fly traps are all UV stable.   Maintenance of our horse fly trap is easy.   We recommend you clean out the plastic collection bin that sits on top of your horse fly trap regularly in order that light filters down into the trap.   Our studies have shown that more horse flies are caught with better light filtration from the top.

Who Can Our Horse Fly Trap Protect?

Whatever your favorite outdoor activity is–  whether it is horseback riding, hiking, swimming, camping, running, etc.– you know from experience that the female horse flies can cause painful and irritating bites thanks to their knife-like mouth parts (mandibles) that rip and slice into the flesh.   Also known as B-52’s, greenheads, deer flies, and yellow flies, horse flies can range from  3/8 to 1 1/8 inches long and are not easily deterred by swatting like mosquitoes are, and can cause miserable experiences while you are outdoors, doing yard work or recreational activities. 

Humans are not the only targets for the female horse fly as she looks for blood.   Horses and cattle are also perfect targets for the female horse fly who seeks a substantial blood meal in order to reproduce.   For dairy and cattle farmers, biting horse flies can cause loss in weight which results in loss in production of milk and meat.   For owners, trainers, and breeders, biting horse flies can affect grazing; horses and cattle may bunch together and can also injure themselves by running to escape the persistent biting.

To help you identify the flies that are bothering your horses, family, and other animals, visit our self-help link page.

Watch our demonstration to see how the horse fly trap works:

horse fly trap anchored in garden setting. Where to Install Your Horse Fly Trap?

Our horse fly traps are meant for outdoors and work best when set in hot, sunny locations on properties that have damp areas or water bodies, the likely source of horse fly breeding. Our horse fly trap is a versatile product, and can accommodate multiple users where female horseflies are a painful and annoying nuisance to humans, horses, and livestock. Ideal markets and locations for our horse fly traps are private and commercial horse stable yards, golf courses, botanical gardens, home gardens, meadows, ponds, swimming pools, water parks, state parks, business parks, vacation resorts, campgrounds, RV parks, and other locations where female horse flies  are present.   

How Can We  Help Locating the H-Trap?

If you would like help locating the  best spot for your H-Trap, please call us.    With Google maps and your feedback, we have an excellent success rate for finding the ideal location for your H-Trap.  Often, patience is the key, however, to determine the best way we can reduce your property’s population of horse flies. 

horse fly trap anchor and single frame provides sturdy support


horse fly trap collection bin holds female horse flies.

Our Horse Fly Trap’s Key Features at a Glance:

• User Friendly Set-Up
   – Single leg for easy grounds keeping
   – Anti-rotation ground anchor rod

• Weather Resistant Design
   – Hot zinc dipped steel frame
   – UV proof green conical hood
   – UV proof collection bin


• Eco Friendly
 – No chemicals and no electricity

• Black Ball Simulates Heat

• Easy Maintenance and Storage

• 2 Year Warranty on Mechanical Defects

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For instructions on how to install your horse fly trap, visit our U.S. Edition Service Manual page. 

Installation tips to protect the horse fly trap from getting damaged during installation.