Bite-Lite Offers Free Shipping on Certain Pre Season Orders through May 31st

Bite-Lite wants to do its part to help get you prepared for the mosquito and fly season.       If you cannot find our nature inspired insect control products in a store near you, you can order them on our website where we’ll be offering free shipping from now until May 31st on purchases of $35 or more.   Use the promo code FreeShip at checkout to take advantage of our offer.

Our products are tested to help protect you and your loved ones against biting mosquitoes and horse flies and even nuisance house flies.   To get ready to beat the bites, we encourage you to consider an integrated pest management system at your home and favorite outdoor activity to repel and attract annoying mosquitoes, horse flies, and house flies.  

For the ambiance, no mosquito candle can put a shine to our natural mosquito repellent candles with nearly 7 percent of active ingredients to repel mosquitoes (the most actives in a mosquito candle on the market).    Unlike competitive products, our U.S. made natural mosquito repellent candle collection has fragrant lemongrass and spearmint oils blended in premium soy wax and a cotton wick that will not emit smoke.     If you are on the move (hiking, backpacking, etc.), we recommend you find a topical repellent that you are comfortable using (with DEET or not) to spray on your clothes and body.     To keep mosquitoes at bay, locate their breeding areas, and empty any areas filled with standing water where eggs are laid.   In the wake of the Zika virus, the Center on Disease Control has some informative material about controlling mosquitoes outside your home.   Visit:

For horse flies, our sturdy weather proof H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System will catch horse flies, greenheads, yellow flies, deer flies, and B-52 bombers by natural trickery.    Placing our traps where horses congregate, near wet swampy areas (where horse flies breed), and near a swimming pools will help trap the adult females looking for a blood meal in order to reproduce.   While trail riding, use fly sprays such as Whup A Bug, which can be purchased at Advantage Horsemanship. (

If your house is prone to indoor flying pests, such as house flies, wasps, and months, try our new indoor insect UV light trap called the Armadilha.   This trap is beautifully housed in a modern white plastic vessel, where a heat optimized glueboard is discreetly hidden and silently catches flying indoor pests.