While some of you may begin catching horse flies almost immediately after installation of our horse fly traps (see our Testimonials page), as a general rule, you should not expect a horse fly trap to eliminate horse flies in a short period of time.

Horse flies have evolved to find (and bite!) horses and other mammals, including us.  Any horse fly trap on the market is, at best, a close second choice for the female horse fly who is looking for a blood meal in order to reproduce.  Therefore, as long as there are still horse flies in your environment, no horse fly trap will entirely prevent you or your animals from getting bitten.

To enhance your success in catching horse flies, find the source of where the horse flies on your property are breeding and emerging as adults. Set up your horse fly trap carefully and in a strategic location. (See our Installation Tip section for guidance.) Then observe as the populations of horse flies decline over the course of a few weeks. (If you have experience with mosquito traps such as the Mosquito Magnet®, you will know that it takes several traps and a few weeks to begin to collapse a population.)  If you are still seeing horse flies and not trapping them, reconsider the location of your horse fly trap and move it to a better location.   Don’t forget to call us if you need help placing your trap in the best location. 

The Bite-Lite® H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System has a lot going for it.  Yes, our horse fly trap may be more expensive than others, but we believe it has no equal.  If you are looking for a quality horse fly trap that will stand up to the wind, sun, and give you years of service, our horse fly trap distinguishes itself in many ways.   

To start,  Bite-Lite’s horse fly trap is the only one that we know of that has a single steel leg!  You may ask, what’s so great about a single pole?  And wouldn’t those other commercial horse fly traps with four or three legs be a better, sturdier choice? Think about mowing around one leg compared to three or four legs in the lawn or pasture, and you have your answer!  How can a one legged horse fly trap be sturdier than other three and four legged units out there that are made with plastic, wood, or metal?  The answer is many fold.  An anti-rotation anchor welded to a ground rod keeps Bite-Lite’s single legged frame wedged solidly into the soil.  We have not seen any other trap on the market that has this special feature.  In addition, our corrosion proof steel frames are dipped in hot zinc.  The frame is 2 mm thick, which is just under 1/8 inches.   We don’t believe any other product out there is as strong or weighs a hefty 30 pounds.   The nuts and bolts are stainless steel.

The plastic used in the conical hood and collection bin have withstood improvements over the years from our European designer, most importantly UV protection.  That means these plastic parts on our horse fly trap are meant to last, compared to traps using canvas that will eventually fray and cheaper plastics that will crack.  In addition, the green in the plastic conical funnel does not attract the beneficial insects like honey bees.  

Finally, no other horse fly trap on the market has a feature like ours which allows the ball, hood, and bin to move with the wind. The top steel bracket is attached to a stabilizing ring, which has a gyroscopic effect, giving movement and stability to the horse fly trap at the same time.   Our customers tell us that the more movement they have with the H-Trap, the more horse flies they seem to catch!  

Deer Fly    Green Head 

Tabanus sp.       Yellow Fly 

The H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System is specifically designed to catch horse flies only.  In order to purchase the right product for your property, remember that not all biting flies are horse flies, even though they may be bothering your horses!  The flies our horse fly trap catches are commonly known as greenheads, yellow flies, deer flies, and the large black horse flies also known as B-52 bombers.  Horse flies are from the family Tabanidae, and are represented in the above four pictures.  Other biting flies that bother horses and help carry diseases are stable flies and horn flies.  These are from the Muscidae family. 

To help identify which kinds of biting flies you have on your property and to distinguish between horse flies and other biting flies, click on this helpful link from the Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: https://vet.entomology.cals.cornell.edu/arthropod-identification/cow-recommendations/cow-pasture-pests

Please call us at 855-248-3548 if you have any trouble identifying which flies are bothering you and your animals, and which fly trap would be best for your property.

“Yellow Fly” photo taken from http://bugguide.net/node/view/695231/bgimage.   Copyright © 2012 Judy Gallagher. Some rights reserved. Licensed under a Creative Commons License. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd-nc/1.0/.


The complete assembly instructions for the H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control can be found on our U.S. Edition Service Manual page.

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