Horse Fly Trap Reviews Are Loud and Clear

As Bite-Lite begins its second full season as the exclusive distributor of the H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control and Trap System in the United States, we would like to thank you for your purchases and your reviews of our horse fly traps. We have had horse fly trap sales in 30 states so far.

These reviews our indicative of how our one legged horse fly trap has performed while controlling and trapping horse flies without chemicals or electricity.   The reviewers of our horse fly traps have run the gambit between trainers, homeowners, veterinarians, and boarding facilities.     We found that our sales are brisk in the states that are most inundated with horse flies, also known as greenheads, deer flies, B-52 bombers, and yellow flies.  Those states needing our horse fly traps the most so far are California, Florida, Massachusettes, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

We received verification from a number of our horse fly trap reviewers that our traps are sturdy.   Not surprisingly we heard that our traps were pricey on the one hand but professionally built on the other hand.    The old adage, “You get what you pay for” is definitely true when you are buying a long lasting horse fly trap like Bite-Lite’s which will service your horse fly needs for years to come.  

Several reviewers mentioned that horse flies dropped dramatically in just a short period of time after installing their horse fly trap.   One reviewer from South Carolina said she couldn’t believe it worked in just 12 hours after installation, and that she had already caught two dozen horse flies and deer flies in that period.

A horse fly trap owner from Ohio said it was worth the price even if her horse fly trap just worked for deer flies, because she was allergic to this species of horse flies.     

A horse trainer from Virginia said he absolutely loved our horse fly trap, and said it was a great product in catching horse flies and even gnats.   He said he was happy because the horse fly traps helped reduce the amount of fly spray he used to use before installing the traps.

A horse rider from England also noted the benefits after installing his  H-Trap horse fly trap—no more fly sheets—and regretted he had not bought one sooner! 

Another reviewer of our horse fly trap from North Carolina said he was pleased because our horse fly trap did not catch the friendly bugs that are good for the environment.  Instead he caught 40 smaller horse flies that he said almost rid his yard of all of the bad flies.    

A reviewer of our horse fly trap who owns a boarding facility in Florida gave our trap a thumbs up compared to other traps he tried because it stands up to the elements, including wind and thunderstorms.  He found the trap moved with the wind and the conical hood shed the wind and rain.   

To read the complete reviews about our horse fly trap, visit our Testimonials page.