Bite-Lite Offers Pre-Order Special on New Horse Fly (Horsefly) Trap

Pre-order our new H-Trap Professional Horse Fly Control System by December 15, 2014 and get 25 percent off the current retail price of $295.   This is a savings of $73.75.

Bite-Lite became the exclusive U.S. distributor of the new horse fly trap in July 2014.   While it was late into the horse fly season when its first European shipment came in, Bite-Lite sold out of its initial order of traps which were designed and sold in Europe for the past few years by Alcochem Hygiene of the Netherlands.

Bite-Lite began scientific testing of the horse fly traps this summer in coastal and non-coastal locations in the United States.   In Barnstable (Cape Cod), MA, the  horse fly trap was easy to set up compared to the standard blue box trap, and was just as effective in catching Greenhead flies.   In Florida, our horse fly trap collected almost 300% more horse flies than a competitive commercially available horse fly trap.  Additional testing by researchers is planned in North Carolina and Alabama in the spring.

The key benefits of the  horse fly trap from Bite-Lite are the following:

– Designed to collect multiple species.

– When properly placed and in high horse fly populations, it can collect thousands of horse flies and reduce discomfort to horses.

– Easier to set up than comparatively priced commercial traps and industrial (government research and vector control associations) surveillance traps.

– More effective than comparative commercial traps.

– Designed with a ‘gyroscopic’ top frame to be more attractive and wind stable than other traps.

– Has a 2 year warranty on mechanical parts.

In July, Bite-Lite staff heard from Greg McCandless of Cedar Ridge Ranch in Cedar Key, Florida, which is the site of one of the testers:   “This is the best and sturdiest trap we’ve ever had!  Best of all it attracts the flies that bother horses.”

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